How to Make the Software Languages Used in Projects Uploaded to GitHub Appear as Desired

Fatih Delice
Fatih Delice

GitHub Project Language

Is the programming language of the project you uploaded to GitHub not appearing as you want? There's a very easy way to fix this. Before explaining this method, I want to touch on why we need such a thing; for example, you've created a project with TypeScript, and when you upload the project to GitHub, it shows that the project is CSS-intensive because there are mostly CSS lines in the project, whereas it should be shown as TypeScript, which is more accurate because it's a project written in TypeScript.

When researching a project on GitHub, we usually search according to the language used in the project. In GitHub language-based searches, it shows repositories according to the programming language used most, so this editing we will do will help our project achieve more accurate results in language-based searches.

So, if we come to how to make the software languages used in projects uploaded to GitHub appear as we want, first, we enter the repository of the relevant project. Then, we click on the "add file" button and click on the "create new file" button in the window that opens. This way, we will add a new file to our project.

GitHub create new file

Next, we specify the name of the file as ".gitattributes". As content, we should write the file we want to be ignored. For example, I want to hide CSS. Therefore, in the content part, I write " *.css linguist-detectable=false " and save it.

GitHub gitattributes

This way, we hide the specified language. There is no problem in the code structure; it just adjusts the percentage of the languages present in the repository.